Theme of WEEF 2019
Education Promotion Society of India (EPSI) and Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) in collaboration with Vellore Institute of Technology will host the IX World Engineering Education Forum and Global Student Forum (GSF), in the historic city of Chennai, India from 11th to 16th November 2019. Theme of WEEF 2019 is Disruptive Engineering Education for Sustainable Development with sub-themes focussing on: disruptions in Student-centered Learning; disruptions in the process of Engineering Education; disruptions in Institute-Industry Interaction; disruptive Technologies; socio-economic development through disruption.

Disruptive Engineering Education is an innovative process with a paradigm leap in the existing practices that leads to simplicity, convenience, accessibility & affordability for sustainable development. This process includes discovering problems, discarding the fundamental thinking and solve through disruption. WEEF 2019 aims to explore the adoption of disruptive technologies for engineering education.