Dr Lisa Looney Confirmed to Speak at WEEF-2019

We are delighted and honoured to share the message that Dr Lisa Rooney from Dublin City University is confirmed to speak at WEEF 2019 on Student-Centred Learning.

Lisa Looney is Dean of Graduate Studies in Dublin City University, with responsibility for strategy, policy and regulation relating to graduate research in the university.

She leads the Graduate Studies Office, and chairs the DCU Graduate Research Studies Board. Lisa is a member of the IUA Deans of Graduate Studies group, and is a regular contributor to meetings of the European Universities Association Council for Doctoral Education.

Prof. Looney's disciplinary background is engineering, and she carried out her doctoral research at the EU's Institute for Advanced Materials, the Netherlands. She has also worked in research in New Zealand. Lisa was one of the founding members of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in DCU.

Earlier she was Director of the Materials Processing Centre, and she is now affiliated with the Centre for Medical Engineering Research.