Remote and Ultra Concurrent Laboratory

Title: Experiential Learning of Analog Electronic Circuits using Remote and Ultra concurrent Laboratory

Remote Lab system for Analog Electronic Circuits:
Remote lab system for Analog Experiments is being designed and developed to conduct experiments remotely without compromising the experience of conventional. The experiments ranges from simple circuits like Rectifiers, BJT & Opamp based amplifiers, wave shaping circuits to complex circuits such as LC oscillators, Frequency Demodulation, ADC & DAC and have more than 35 Analog experiments with more than 150 variations.

Remote lab is implemented using indigenously developed PCBs to conduct live experiments. User has the full control to change key circuit components, apply suitable input signal, observe and measure the output signal. Analog Discovery Version-2 NI Edition a National Instrument Product is a multi-function instrument that can measure, record and generate analog and digital signals. It is being used as an interface between circuits and the user. Python script and Arduino is also used.

Ultra concurrent laboratory for Analog Electronic Circuits:
We along with an International industry partner developed Ultra-concurrent laboratory. It is "A remote laboratory allows students to interact online with real time circuits and equipments. All data and multimedia are real and pre-recorded". Thus the laboratory provides a real laboratory experience to many simultaneous students with a high reliability. This remote lab can be conducted by students simultaneously and observe the response of the circuit for the selected combination of circuit parameters. So ultra-concurrent labs, in which the results are guaranteed will help students to be involved in learning process.

Target audience:

  • Engineering faculty member teaching Analog Electronic Circuits course
  • Those who are interested in development of Remote lab system
  • Those who are passionate of innovative teaching practices

Workshop type: Demonstrations cum Hands-on session
Duration: 3 hrs
Requirement: Laptop, Internet, 230 V AC mains, +/- 5V DC power supply.
Maximum number of participants: 40
Date, Time and Venue of the above workshops:
13-11-2019, Time: 10 am to 1 pm, Venue : VIT University
Registration Fee: Rs.1000/-

Workshop conducted by:
Dr. K C Narasimhamurthy
Dept. of Telecommunication Engg.
SIT, Tumkur, Karnataka-572104