Travel to and in Chennai

Destination - Chennai

Tamil Nadu constitutes the south-eastern extremity of the Indian peninsula. Chennai, formerly known as MADRAS, is the capital city of the State, besides being an important district. The district city is one of the metropolises of India and serves as the gateway to the culture of South India. Tamil is one of the 7 classical languages and most widely spoken across the world.

The conference delegates will have opportunity to explore South Indian Culture through various programmes including dance, music, yoga, etc. The classical dance representative of Tamilnadu is known as Bharathanatyam. This divine dance form with its graceful movements and beautiful costumes is sure to capture the fascination of viewers. Carnatic music is the classical music of Tamilnadu.

Climate of Chennai is Tropical. Considering the pleasant climate that prevails in November, the conference is scheduled in mid-November 2019.