Exhibit/Innovation Plaza

Exhibit Booth
Exhibit booths will be in the public area in the atrium of the three levels we will be using in the convention center.
For 1 day
10’x20’ booth
INR 100000
10’x10’ booth
INR 75000
8’ tabletop display
INR 25000
An open space concept in an exhibit hall sold in 10x10 squares, minimum purchase 200 square feet, which can be used for unique displays, demonstrations, etc.
For each day
For each 10’x10’ booth
INR 30000
*GST charges excluded
Sponsorship and Exhibition Options
Sponsors of the WEEF 2019 are offered an excellent opportunity to promote relevant products and services to a quality audience of key decision makers. You can participate in one or more of the following ways:
  • As a sponsor of the Conference
  • By participating in the Conference Exhibition
  • As an advertiser in the conferences material (flyers and other printed material to be delivered in the conferences bag)
  • Other items, (website advertiser, conferences bags, notepads, pencils etc.)
  • Your own suggestions
  • Sponsors are free to make their selection from the list of sponsorship opportunities.